3 min readJul 15, 2022

Internal IT Specialist

What made you choose Tuum?

I actually joined almost exactly a year ago and it’s been a lovely year. And why did I join? It’s actually quite simple. In my previous company, I wasn’t quite happy with where I was going and where things were going so I needed a change of pace. When Tuum approached me and said they were looking for someone, I was like LET’S DO THIS! And to be honest, I didn’t even care what the company was doing because from my perspective it actually doesn’t even matter. I am mostly focused on what’s happening internally, how the processes are made, how people get their resources and everything else like that. Now that I’ve been here for about a year, I’m starting to get more invested in what the company actually does. And it’s pretty cool!

You already mentioned what you do but explain a little more about what your role is.

Technically, I work in customer support because every person that joins the company is my customer. I have to make sure they are well onboarded, they have the devices and applications. If something goes wrong then it’s up to me to fix the problem and come to their rescue. So everybody here is my customer. On the other hand, what’s beneath all of this, is the networking, application management, device life cycle management, IT related processes that need to be either created, implemented, updated, terminated etc. And it doesn’t stop there. I also support the AV (audio-video), the occasional events, and initiatives.

Do you have a motto that you live by?

I think I have a few. Firstly, work-wise, I always go by ‘feel free to ask questions, even if you consider them stupid’. In short, there are no stupid questions, rather inexperienced people in specific subjects. That’s why I tend to tell people to reach out with whatever kind of question.

And the other one I borrowed from Steve Jobs: ‘Always keep being hungry’. So even though I have mastered one thing, I got what I needed out of it, so now I’m going to hop into the next field and try to get as much information as possible. Once I feel that I have enough from there as well, I will hop into the next one. Just keep on updating my knowledge base. Knowledge-hungry but hungry also for burgers!

Do you have any weird hobbies?

Not at work.

I think people might consider extensive knowledge about comic books and anything related to the game world weird. I know quite a bit about video game music and when I hear a song I know instantly what game it’s from. I enjoy listening to game soundtracks while driving.

I believe the best comic book I’ve read is the Infinity Gauntlet series that was released a while back. The older ones weren’t visually very nice but the newer ones are very beautiful.


Rain is part of our Product Team, we have some openings you can check out here: https://tuumplatform.com/careers/




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