Senior People Operations Specialist

3 min readNov 15, 2023

What have you done previously before joining Tuum?

I kicked off my career in the world of luxury hospitality, starting in Estonia at Swissotel and later making my way to Dubai. I worked in customer-focused roles, where I learned to communicate effectively with high-level people and handle different personalities. The travel bug bit me early, influenced by my parent’s involvement in the travel industry, leading me to this exciting path straight out of high school.

I did my university degree in Dublin, and when I graduated, I saw an advertisement that led me to join a thriving startup in Dublin. Despite my lack of experience, the CEO took me in, allowing me to learn the ropes from top recruiters at Amazon and Google. I then moved back to Estonia, where my journey continued at Wise, specialising in high-volume recruitment until the pandemic hit. The following chapter involved a stint at an Estonian HR startup, and then the Bolt era followed, lasting two years before I found my way to Tuum.

What motivated you to become a People Operations Specialist?

I originally wanted to go to law school in Dublin, but my plans changed as I felt a stronger pull to return to Estonia. Instead, I studied Business Management with a focus on marketing, but it didn’t click with me. The real game-changer happened during a basic HR course, where I found my passion. I was drawn to employment law in HR and the exciting world of People Ops.

What sets People Ops apart for me is the blend of diverse elements it includes, eliminating the routine. I very much enjoy supporting teams across different countries. Compensation and benefits also rank high on my list of interests.

If you had a magic button on your desk, what would you want it to do?

I pondered this deeply, and while world peace or a money shower crossed my mind, my ultimate wish would be to glimpse into the future. Call me curious, but I’m the kind who wants to know it all; there's no room for surprises. It would be nice to time-travel to the past as well, but I’d prefer to leave it all untouched; I’d simply relive some cherished moments.

What inspired you to start practising yoga?

Sports never really rocked my boat. I used to ride horses as a kid, but it’s been a decade since my last ride. It is an expensive hobby!

Seven years ago, though, I stumbled upon yoga during a Bali retreat. Surprisingly, I loved it. Not a big meditation fan, but it worked wonders for me physically and mentally. Improved flexibility and calmer thoughts. I'm thinking of trying aerial yoga next — it looks super cool.

You have a dog, Yuki. What advice would you give to someone considering getting a Shiba-Inu as a pet?

Okay, let’s be honest. Shiba-Inus aren’t for the faint-hearted. You need to be a dog guru, definitely not a newbie. Iron nerves and a solid sense of humour are must-haves. I have been an exhibition-goer since childhood, I can tell you these furballs are stubborn to the max — not kid-friendly at all. Treats are their currency, and they won’t budge without them.

Stubborn? Check. Affectionate? Usually to just one person. Not your typical family dog.

Smart and clean, but forget off-leash dreams; their hunting instinct is a force.

My Yuki’s 5 and still a handful! But I love her to the moon 🐾🐾




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