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Tech Lead (Payments)

India 2022

1. What is your favourite part of working at Tuum?

Definitely the people. We have a very cool variety of people from different countries. I never thought that a multicultural environment could have so much to offer in the context of work, and now I can’t imagine myself working again without all those people. The people I work with bring so much joy and fun to my everyday life that, even though we are welcome to work from home, I like to spend my work days with my amazing co-workers.

Spontaneous salsa class in the office

In addition, I love the independence and trust we have here — the goals we define do not have to follow an exact path; instead, we can decide for ourselves how we would like to solve a given problem.

2. What do you think makes our Tuum culture unique?

I think that the company’s culture starts from people, and they are the ones who make it unique. I believe that the right combination of people works together really well. It’s cool to see how complex things become easily doable in the hands of inspired people.

3. Please, tell us about yourself.

In context of Tuum — I joined Tuum early on with Kersti Aruja to build up our initial payment flows. In fact, I came up with the name Modularbank (our company’s name before we became Tuum). I just felt that the word “modular” reflected our goals and the platform we aimed to build.

I have two brothers and one sister with whom I am really close. I grew up in the countryside, so my childhood was filled with farm work — planting and harvesting potatoes, weeding, and making hay. For obvious reasons, as a child, I did not enjoy it much, but looking back, I understand that it gave me a strong work ethic.

I have studied a lot of different languages throughout my life. For example, Swedish, which I studied intensively for more than three years. But since I do not use it in my everyday life, I am a bit rusty. Right now, my goal is to study French with the Duolingo language app. Why do I like studying different languages? When traveling to other countries, I love to speak with locals in their language, and I am always curious to learn new words.

Leigo — Summer Days

Furthermore, I truly believe that conversations differ a lot when we speak our native languages vs a foreign language, even if we are proficient in both.

4. What is your hobby?

I like attending dog shows. We have a two-year-old German Shepherd named Sassu who we train daily and take to shows. It might sound like a beauty contest, but in reality, it expects a lot from both the dog and the owner. For instance, we have to tackle many different types of training exercises (obedience, protection training) just to prepare.

Piia and Sassu

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