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Head of Content

Meet Liis!

Tell us what a ‘Head of Content’ does on a daily basis.

I think the most important thing to start off with is that what I’m doing at Tuum is definitely not traditional.

A Head of Content at Tuum is responsible for mainly strategy planning and putting together processes, also mentoring the team, which currently includes one person who is responsible for content creation. In addition to that I’m also responsible for planning for the year and putting together a content calendar, which we try to do on a quarterly basis to keep the content relevant. I also look at the processes of how we put out content, and what we can improve, and if there are any guidelines we can put together — so a lot of managerial stuff. And on top of that, you can’t get past SEO, which for content people during the digital age is very important.

In addition, I’m also responsible for Tuum’s web, so I’m doing everything that concerns the website: making sure that our website is optimised, content up to date, and it’s technically perfect.

Do you like your job?

I love my job! I love the versatility of my job, for sure. For me, a content marketing role in a marketing team is one of the most versatile and, not one day is alike. It’s a field that is constantly changing and evolving and it’s always exciting to see what comes up next.

Liis is a big animal person-dogs, tortoises, you name it.

What is your advice for others in your profession who are just starting out in their career?

I’ve thought about this a lot because I didn’t know I wanted to be a content marketer. I just didn’t know about that role. I always enjoyed writing, but until I was given the opportunity to work as a content marketing specialist, I had no idea what to expect.

I quickly realised that it’s not just about good writing. Even your best-written pieces fall flat if you don’t know how to market them. So rather than focusing on the content, I started putting more effort into the marketing part of the equation — ensuring that my content is relevant for the search engines and reaches the right audience. And that’s when I knew I had found the right job because I’ve always seen myself as both creative and analytical. And the content marketing role is definitely a mix of both. It’s also versatile and constantly evolving, meaning a lot of your time is spent on researching and keeping up to date with all the updates.

My recommendation for someone starting out is to remember that there is no linear career path, and no step-by-step guide to becoming a content marketer. So you just have to work hard, show your interest and make sure that people around you know this is something you like and want to do. I also want to add that it’s not only a writing gig. It’s about 20% of writing and 80% of marketing. But if you appreciate good content, as well as love doing research and reading, analysing, and optimising, then it’s a good fit for you.

If you had to sum up Tuum’s culture in 3 words, what would they be?

Ask a content marketer to describe something in 3 words and you can be sure that it’s going to be more than 3 words! I definitely tried to think about it and narrow it down to 3 words but it’s more like 3 sentences that describe Tuum’s culture to me. I’d also like to elaborate on them.

-Challenging yet rewarding: the challenging thing is that Tuum, as a company, is operating in a very specific industry that is not so easy to grasp and understand. This means that we can’t just apply what we know — we need to find a way to match this with the industry specifics. At the same time, it’s rewarding to see how we can make a difference as a new company. I definitely feel that, at Tuum, my work matters.

-Transparent: I really like how transparent Tuum’s culture has been — people are always sharing information and talking to each other. I appreciate how much is shared during our Monthly Meetings because it gives you confidence that you are up to date with everything that matters and makes you feel like every person at the company is part of the team.

-Built on trust: it’s a two-fold statement, in a way. Firstly, in the financial industry, trust is everything. Our customers put a lot of trust in our product capabilities, and we need to work every day as a team to prove ourselves and deliver on our promises. Secondly, Tuum is built on trust — we truly believe in each other’s capabilities to deliver our best work. I have never felt so much freedom and support to make decisions based on what I think will bring the best results.

Are there any fun facts about you that most people would be surprised to know?

There’s one thing that has changed me as a person quite a bit and it’s the fact that I have watched more than 4000 episodes of documentaries. Luckily I have a very good excuse — I worked as a subtitle editor for years. And if you get to watch so many documentaries, you obviously learn a lot and realise how different all of our lives are.

It’s not just about writing, Liis also loves to read

You also know a lot about cars thanks to documentaries, don’t you?

Yes, and it’s always fun to surprise people with your random knowledge. It has been a party trick of mine. When guys are talking about cars, and I sit down next to them, I’m often warned that I will be bored or unable to understand a word they are saying. When I suddenly join the conversation, they always stare at me with disbelief and feel the need to challenge me. It’s fun to prove them wrong and show that women shouldn’t be underestimated. That said, I still don’t care too much about cars.

Liis is part of our Marketing team in Tallinn, Estonia. You can learn more about our team’s doings on our Instagram page #TeamTuum.




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