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Software Engineer

What excites you at Tuum the most?

In Bangladesh, I was looking for an opportunity to work in a fintech company as a Software Engineer. I believe fintech developers have to practice extra caution during designing and developing solutions. As an Engineer at Tuum, I have to think about what we usually don’t focus on. That excites me the most. I like training my mind in that way. Tuum was a perfect match for me as it is a young and rising start-up, and I believe I can contribute here and learn as well. After coming here I found a super-friendly team with wonderful people. Now I am falling in love with my team. I like the team, and product at the same time.

What are the cultural similarities between Bangladesh and Estonia? What describes Tuum’s culture?

I would say it’s easier to find dissimilarities rather than similarities between Estonian and Bangladesh cultures! Sometimes things are just the opposite here compared to Bangladesh. I have been able to find some things in common though:

  • We both are family oriented and love to spend time with our near and dear ones
  • We eat potatoes a lot
  • We both like freedom and celebrate our independence day

Tuum has employees from different cultures that work well together as they all belong to the same place and have the same mountain to climb. Firstly, I found Tuum very warm-welcoming and friendly. Secondly, I experienced many cross-culture functionalities and facilities here. It is like a concourse of people from different countries.

Do you have an idol or a person who inspires you?

Actually, I don’t have any single person who inspires me. I follow different people for different aspects. I am influenced mainly by the people with whom I am surrounded. Now, I am with my team and inspired by their cool engineering work. I like the vibe of our team which encourages me to challenge my limits.

How do you spend your free time? What helps you to stay motivated?

At first, it was challenging for me to enjoy my time after work. Because I am new here and I don’t have many friends. So, I started to play badminton and tried cooking by myself. Cooking requires a lot of time. Sometimes, I also go to shopping malls and take a long time to explore different products as many of them are new to me. But, now I have met some friends and we spend time together. I also love to explore nature and tribes. I go to mountains, hills, and jungles for a week or maybe a longer period of time and enjoy nature.

Bandarban, Bangladesh

I always try to grow personally, whether it is at work or at a badminton game. Doing physical activities keeps me energetic and fresh, and if I stay away from them for a long time I feel unmotivated.

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