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Events and Communications Manager

Can you tell us what it is you do at Tuum?

I work as the Events & Communications Manager at Tuum, meaning roughly half the time I’m working on interviews, articles, and press releases together with our PR agency, and the second half I’m dealing with external events, making sure we get visibility on the most important industry stages. And then there’s this and that, like handling our Linkedin or coming up with a slogan for a new banner. The everyday work is fairly diversified, I’d say.

You’re an Estonian girl living in Berlin, how did you end up there?

I’ve spent some years in Berlin in the past, doing an internship at the German Bundestag during my studies, and working there for a while later on. I fell in love with this city and knew I wanted to be back at one point. So when I heard Tuum (then Modularbank) had an opening in their Berlin office, I applied!

There’s this vibe in Berlin that tourists coming to Berlin for a few days usually don’t get. What they see is a fairly ugly city, full of dirty streets, graffiti and construction works. Which it is, for the most part. But staying a bit longer, shows what the city really is about: the culture-mix, the freedom to be whatever or whoever you want to be — a friend once told me she saw a guy waiting for the tram, wearing nothing but a handbag -, bars, restaurants and clubs for every possible taste, lots of arts, the big city life but at the same time loads of lakes and parks and green areas, the history. ‘Poor but sexy’ is what a former Berlin mayor once called the city, and I find it very aptly put! It’s not the prettiest city in the world but it sure is an exciting one. It has this little “something”, character, that many other cities lack.

What is your favourite book and why?

One of the most intriguing and captivating books I’ve read in the past years was “Bad Blood” by journalist John Carreyrou. It’s an insane story about a Silicon Valley startup called Theranos and its sociopathic founder & CEO Elizabeth Holmes. It’s a non-fiction that reads like a thriller! Defrauding and misleading investors with a technology that didn’t work, forcing employees to keep secrets and lie for the sake of the company, firing and threatening everyone who dared to speak up; The company was valued at ​​$9B with a product that didn’t exist!

This book is so sick and so disturbing that it was difficult to read at times, but at the same time impossible for me to put down. It shows you very well the kind of working environment you do not want to get involved in. Ever. Makes me feel very good about working at Tuum:)

Tuum Christmas party — Kerli’s emotions say it all!

Why would someone want to join Tuum’s Marketing team, what makes it so great?

I know it sounds like a cliche but it honestly is the team itself. We have been very careful with choosing our people, paying attention not only to skills and experience but also to cultural fit, always including the whole team in the final decision making. Thanks to this, we have built a very strong team, where everyone has a role and a certain freedom to shape this role as they wish; where we openly talk, listen, discuss and argue about things, but in the end back and support each other to reach common goals; a team that has fun together at and outside work, be it sauna or quiz nights.

For me personally, team dynamics are everything — it’s what motivates and what makes me feel good about coming to work in the morning. Tuum’s marketing team gels and that’s what I love about it.

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