Quality Engineer — I am a member of the Product Team and my main focus is on automating Modularbank’s testing process. Being the first Quality Engineer on the team, I have to build up quality developments and processes from scratch. The various challenges and responsibilities involved make my job much more interesting.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m from one of the forever-summer lands, Sri Lanka, born and raised. However, I’ve always had this dream of living a nomadic life and have luckily been able to pursue this through my studies and work in IT. Throughout my career, I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work in professionally and culturally diverse places.

How did you come to work at Modularbank?

Last year I was looking for a job, scanning job sites and browsing on LinkedIn without the intention of joining a startup; I have previously worked in a startup environment for some time, and I felt that the speed at which they moved was too much for my old bones. It is also kind of an unspoken truth in the QE Community that most startups don’t know exactly what they want from QEs.
Modularbank stood out to me, as I could tell from their job advertisement that they actually knew what they wanted and had a defined set of criteria. I was also interested in the product and, taking everything into consideration, I decided to apply.

Mia, Modularbank’s HR representative, reached out to me and we had a very lovely chat, after which she sent me the test task to complete. I returned the test to her and was invited for the final interview, this time with the CTO, Ove. It was supposed to be an hour interview but we ended up talking for almost 2 hours!

It sounds as if you gelled with people quite quickly, how did you find meeting the rest of your team?

I was introduced to the team and, me being an introvert, I am not really comfortable with the idea of being introduced. That being said, I was instantly made to feel welcome and appreciated how everyone smiled and greeted me. I really like my teammates’ personalities and attitudes, and even though they are very talented in their own fields, they are calm, patient, and down to earth. They clearly know what they are doing and what they want and it was impressive for me.

What do you like most about your work?

I face a variety of responsibilities and challenges on a daily basis, which sounds exhausting but I enjoy being kept on my toes. Though some of the projects can be testing, I always feel inspired once I have completed them. I also love being able to work with a bunch of hard-working, honest, and down-to-earth polymaths.

We are thrilled your search for a nomadic life led you to Estonia, can you tell us a bit about your decision to move?

At the time, I was looking for a break from my monotonous life. All my life, I have lived in Sri Lanka. I was in desperate need of change so I applied for a job halfway across the world! I received two positive replies: one from a company in Tallinn and one from a company in Malaysia. After careful consideration, I decided to take the offer from the Tallinn-based company, as I felt Estonia would be more of an adventure for me. I’m pleased I made that decision, as I have really come to love Estonia, and it also led me to join Modularbank!

What do you like the most about living here?

You will be surprised, but, honestly, I love the weather. Coming from a country close to the equator, I’m used to living in a climate that is constantly hot — the temperature there is always 30+ degrees celsius except during the periods of December to mid-February. Moving from a country that experiences extreme heat, I have no words to explain the comfort I am enjoying here in Estonia. I miss the sunlight but I do not miss the heat.

It is also quiet and not densely populated. I like how the country invests in uplifting the quality of life for people and, if we are strictly talking about our field of work, how things are digitised and the benefits this has had. Estonia gained its independence less than a half-century ago; considering that relatively short time frame, its ability to systematise everything, and how these solutions brought comfort to the people’s lives, is incredibly impressive.

Although, I have to admit I am missing my family as well as my 5 cats and 1 dog back in Sri Lanka. Fortunately, social media and video calls allow me to see them anytime.

Finally, how has your experience with Modularbank been so far?

As I mentioned, I had been looking for a job at a company that was a bit slower moving. Modularbank is a fast-scaling startup, and yet, it has been a perfect fit! Each day is a challenge, but the support from everyone has been heartwarming and has really helped me to cope. There’s no one in the team who tries to outshine you or prove you’re wrong; at Modularbank, it is always constructive, supportive, and caring.

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