Graphic Designer

4 min readJun 30, 2023

What do you do at Tuum?

My primary responsibility involves creating user manuals that provide clear instructions on how to use our product. I focus on the visual aspect, ensuring that the manuals are visually appealing and easy to understand. In the future, I plan to add animations to further enhance the clarity and make it even more user-friendly.

Another important aspect of my role is serving as the in-house designer. I assist with various design tasks that require my attention, offering my expertise and support wherever needed.

What are the accomplishments you are most proud of during your time at Tuum?

I have experienced both, personal and professional growth.

I have had the opportunity to work with different programs here at Tuum that I never had worked with before. Figma for example, which I quickly learned and found truly fascinating, has also become an industry standard. I’m genuinely grateful for the experience and the newfound skills I’ve acquired.

I have also developed my problem-solving and negotiation skills. In the past, I tended to be less receptive to others’ perspectives, but I’ve come to realise the value of collaborative negotiation in achieving optimal results. While design aesthetics can sometimes overshadow functionality, I prioritise creating designs that not only look beautiful but also function effectively.

Before joining Tuum, regular exercise wasn’t a part of my routine. However, thanks to the wellness compensation provided, I now enjoy working out at the gym. This personal transformation has had a positive impact on my overall well-being.

On the professional front, I take pride in automating design processes together with other helpful team members. We developed tools that empower the whole team to create their own designs or follow established frameworks. Our templates, slide decks, and other resources have proven to be highly effective, streamlining our design workflows.

In addition, one of the most significant projects I undertook was the design of our phone booths and meeting rooms. While the creative aspects of the design came to me effortlessly, I encountered numerous challenges when it came to technical implementation. The process required multiple revisions to ensure the desired outcome. It demanded a lot of resources from my computer and tested my patience.

However, despite the difficulties, seeing the final result was immensely rewarding. The phone booths and meeting rooms now boast a visually appealing and functional design that enhances the overall work environment.

If you could travel back in time to give your past self one piece of advice, what would it be?

If I could give some advice to my past self, it would be to remember to stay calm. I’ve always been someone who tends to worry a lot. In the past, even the slightest hint of negative feedback on my work would deeply affect me on a personal level. However, being part of Tuum has taught me to approach things from a different perspective.

One thing that has really helped me is having amazing coworkers. During challenging times, they have been there to support and guide me. Their encouragement and constructive feedback have played a significant role in helping me develop resilience and a more positive outlook.

Share a personal creative ritual or habit that you believe enhances your design process or brings out your best work

I must admit, I have some quirks. For example, during winter time, I find it comforting to take a warm foot bath while working on creative projects or exploring new ideas. It helps me relax and delve deep into the subject matter, almost like entering a different state of mind.

Another aspect I enjoy is being surrounded by nature. In my ideal creative process, I would work for some time, then take a break to walk in the woods or unwind in a sauna. Though it may take some extra time, this practice rejuvenates my mind and gives me a fresh outlook when I return to work.

Moreover, music plays a significant role in enhancing my creativity. I find that different genres correspond to different topics or tasks. For instance, when I designed packages for Tartu Mill, which featured characters from traditional Estonian tales, I immersed myself in Estonian folk music. It helped me capture the essence of the culture and infuse it into the design. While for more technical work, German techno music sets the right tone and creates a focused atmosphere.

If you could magically add one fun feature or amenity to the office, what would it be?

If I had the chance to change the building’s appearance, one modification I would consider is adding balconies to each floor and covering them with lush greenery.

If you had an entire day to yourself with no obligations or responsibilities, how would you choose to spend it?

My perfect day would be a hot summer day. I am on an island, in my hammock, reading or drawing. And that is also what I do quite often.




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