Implementation Manager

4 min readFeb 27, 2024

How did you become a Tuumster?

​​Exactly a year ago, Christine messaged me on LinkedIn. I’ve always thought that if someone reaches out, it’s polite to respond. Even though it was a very busy time at my previous job and I was also in the middle of writing my master’s thesis. But I thought, why not give it a try, so I wouldn’t regret it later.

Initially, I didn’t know anything about Tuum. I went through the first interview, and I immediately got a good impression. Then followed homework and interviews with Krista and Sander. When I visited the office, I knew there was a connection and many opportunities for me to grow.

Why do you like working here at Tuum?

The team at Tuum is great; I quickly felt like I belonged here. Also, the work itself is very stimulating. There’s always something new, no routine. Plus, there are plenty of learning opportunities. I am surrounded by people who are specialists or experts in their own fields.

How do you prioritise tasks and manage timelines effectively in your role?

I have learned from my own experience and also observed others. One thing that really helps is having a daily plan that is divided into segments.

I keep my mornings free from meetings. Here I focus, do deep work, and technical analysis. After lunch, I also take a walk, which refreshes my mind, and then I tackle the meetings with renewed energy.

Secondly, I take many notes and make tickets in Jira, Notion, Excel, wherever. Keep track of the status of tasks, who I’m waiting for feedback from, etc., so I stay well organised.

What advice would you give to someone aspiring to become an implementation manager?

Having previously worked as a project manager and an analyst, I would say that an implementation manager is a combination of both.

Be prepared that something new is always happening, and each project is unique.

As a successful implementation manager, you need to be very open-minded, someone who isn’t afraid of making mistakes. The first solution doesn’t always work; you must learn and adjust as you go along. You also have to be able to communicate with and understand different types of people. Depending on their background, people might interpret a problem slightly differently.

You have been sailing since the age of 5. How did it all start?

I come from a coastal area in Saaremaa. Both of my friends who lived next door were into sailing, and since I wanted to spend time with them, I had no choice but to join the sailing practice. After a couple of summers, I started to really enjoy it. My parents were also pleased that I wasn’t getting into trouble anywhere. And we had a great group; it was really fun to hang out together.

When it was time to choose where to go to university, I chose Tallinn since there are no sailing options in Tartu :)

During my bachelor’s, I used to go on long sailing trips with the team in the Mediterranean, living out of a backpack, doing my studies remotely, and sailing in Italy starting in February.

Between my master’s, work, and other commitments, there was usually not enough time. Now I sail on weekends and during the summer when I can work remotely from Saaremaa.

Do you think your hobby has influenced your approach to problem-solving or decision-making in your professional life?

Yes, definitely. In an 8 to 11-person team, you really have to fit in and work together when you’re into competitive sailing. A sailing team is as large as a football team but operates in a much smaller area. Speeds are high, things can break, lots of moving parts; in the confined environment of the sea, you learn how to work with a team, and you learn discipline. Everything in the boat is something you can influence, but everything on the sea is beyond your control. This thought teaches calmness and adaptability. Every storm passes, you just have to wait, stressing out doesn’t improve the situation. Accept and move forward.

What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?

I’ve never labelled myself as particularly spontaneous or not. If I have free time and someone invites me somewhere, I’ll go without hesitation. If my friends plan a trip, I’m content to let them handle the preparations, and I simply join in and enjoy the experience.

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