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Tech Lead- At Tuum, my duties mirror the role of a full-stack developer, with a particular focus on front-end development; at the moment, I am responsible for the visual part of our product. Recently, I have also taken on the exciting role of team leader and have begun mentoring my first teammate.

Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you got to where you are today?

After the first year of my bachelor’s studies, I enrolled in an internship as a web developer. As this was my first professional position, I learned a lot and gained a real passion for software development. Following the completion of my internship and my graduation, I was called to enroll in compulsory military service. Although I had mentally prepared myself to be away for 11 months, funnily, that period was cut to about 3 months due to a knee injury, and in September I was able to go on to my master’s studies. When I returned from the Defense Forces, I felt that I wanted to move professionally to new challenges, and I secured a job at Icefire, which was also created by the co-founders of Tuum. For almost 4 years I had the opportunity to acquire different skills in developing software for both the public and private sectors. This experience allowed me to start working at Tuum — and being here has been the most exciting part of my professional journey so far!

We’re glad to hear Tuum has been exciting for you. What makes your experience here stand out?

People. This may sound unexpected coming from a developer, but indeed, the different backgrounds, perspectives, opinions, and skills of our people really enrich our company and the environment we work in; all of which is reflected in the product we build. In addition, I highly value the freedom to take the initiative and shout if something is wrong with a concept or our code, and how a lively debate arises in itself so that we can find the best solutions. This environment has been inspiring for me professionally and personally; I can help develop a product that really creates value, with people who are really interested in what they are doing. Due to this, I am proud to say I am a Tuum.

Having another one of the aforementioned lively discussions. (Tuum’s Christmas Party 2020)

You have recently started mentoring some new hires, what is some typical advice you have for them?

At Tuum, we like to have discussions on all kinds of topics, and we are constantly trying to improve ourselves and our product, all of which is conducive to our success. Perhaps sometimes you will have to initiate these discussions, and ask for other people’s opinions; this is something I always encourage. Do not be afraid to present your opinion and position, as you can provide very important input to the outcome of these discussions.

What is your advice for others in your profession who are just starting?

The most exciting thing is where your comfort zone ends. Don’t be afraid to take on challenges as a new developer, and be open to everything new that awaits you.

Set goals for yourself to forward your career, it will be exciting to follow your journey in the future when you look back at how far you have come.

When you’re not putting your mind towards developing the best products, how do you like to spend your spare time?

I like reading books; a recent favorite has been Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. It was an inspiring reading of a man whose ambition outweighed all obstacles and whose desire to create something truly great made anyone who had the chance to be around him exceed their own expectations of what they were capable of. Although his leadership methods were not acceptable in the conventional sense, and quite a few egos probably got hurt in the process, he was able to create (and encourage engineers to create) products that people didn’t even know they wanted. I am also looking forward to traveling again, now we have the opportunity to.

Hiking to Trolltunga at 5 AM

Where would you like to go on a dream holiday?

My favorite holidays are adventures, and adventures for me involve surprises. Following a strict plan makes these unexpected events less likely to occur. What matters most is not the place, time, or weather; it’s the experiences I have, the feelings I feel, and the people I get to share them with. A road trip to a distant destination with exciting hikes, enjoying tasty food, camping in the woods or on a hillside, and making coffee on a camping stove early in the morning is a dream vacation for me.

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