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Senior Talent Acquisition Partner — I am a Recruiter in the Tuum Recruitment team, responsible for finding strong talent for the Commercial practice and the Implementation team as well as some corporate functions, like Marketing.

Tell us about your background!

After I graduated from University with an executive MBA in International Business Consulting, I worked in the field of Governance & Compliance, Risk Management, Internal Controls, and Business Process Optimization. While I was with Deloitte Germany, I worked a lot on Sarbanes Oxley Act projects and huge Risk Management projects and one of my biggest projects/clients was Siemens in Munich. One day I decided to become a headhunter, left Deloitte, and joined a recruitment agency focusing on the real estate industry, where I developed the Finance & Accounting division across Germany. The recruitment agency had its headquarters in London and I was very keen to live and work in London, so I cut my ties to Germany and moved to London, developing the International Desk covering BeneLux, South Europe, and Nordics. Once in London, I received an offer to go back to Deloitte in their in-house recruitment team. Over my time with Deloitte I was the lead recruiter for the Risk Advisory service line in London, then joined Deloitte Global (US-based) and recruited a lot of Strategy & Operations professionals, followed by Deloitte Consulting Switzerland where I was the lead recruiter for Monitor Deloitte (Strategy Consulting), Strategy & Operations and Human Capital. After over six years in the recruitment team of Deloitte, I wanted to have a change and joined Toptal, a fully remote US company in the staffing industry, and recruited mainly the US sales and delivery professionals. In 2020 my husband and I moved to Estonia and I had a nice long break from work before joining Tuum.

Why did you choose Tuum?

I am very glad that I joined Tuum and this is such an amazing opportunity. I joined Tuum because I felt it was a very strong start-up with a very strong product in a very hot and competitive market. When I went for my interview at the Tuum office in Tallinn, I got those highly professional vibes that I know from Deloitte mixed with the flat hierarchy structure and vibe of a start-up. When I learned about the strong professional background of the founders, I knew that this is going to be a very successful company. One of the founders, Vilve Vene, is an extremely inspiring woman to work with! I also loved the fact that the recruitment function was still very basic and needed a lot of building up, which is my favorite thing to do. What really got me excited was the task to recruit professionals for Berlin, Malaga and London, and potentially for the US at some point. I love to work internationally, speaking with people all over the world is so much fun.

How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance?

I make sure I take enough breaks during the day. When I work from home I hang out with my two dogs. When I am working from the office, I go and grab a coffee from the coffee shop or just have a chat with a colleague. Sometimes when work gets very busy, and deadlines are approaching I know I have to crack on and push through with full power. I do that, knowing that there will also be a more quiet time where I will balance out the stressful times. Thanks to my two dogs, I walk a lot with them and this helps me to switch off from work. I also don’t work on Saturday and Sunday (I used to do that at the beginning of my career). I completely switch off from work, so that on Monday I am fresh and recharged for a busy week ahead.

You have 2 cute dogs, we want to know more!

Christine and her dog Oscar

Oscar and Lilibet are cute indeed but also complete nutters! They are both standard Bull terriers and are like two-year-old kids. A lot of work! Oscar is 2 years old and is a real sunshine. He absolutely loves people and wants to say hello to everyone we see on our walks. Lilibet is 1 year old and is a bit shy and takes a closer look before she shows her love. They both are very keen on interior design and helped us a lot to redesign our furniture, carpets, window, and door frames, floor trimmings etc. to give it more of a vintage feel and look. Oscar loves squishy toys and Lilibet loves to chew on a bone for ours. We just moved to a house with a huge garden thinking we can let the dogs in the garden todo their own thing but we have learned that this is not possible with Bull terriers. They both are literally eating everything like flowers, grass, bushes, branches, leaves - you name it. And Lilibet is digging tunnels to Alaska! So if you ever see a person in their own garden with a Bullterrier on the leash in the garden you know why.

Lilibet and Oscar

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