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Account Executive — I am a member of the commercial team and consult with both financial and non-financial institutions to enable them to deliver seamless banking experiences to their end customers.

Can you tell us a bit about your story, how did you get to where you are today?

I’m from a relatively small town called Macclesfield in the UK. Despite currently living in Berlin, I am still a country boy at heart and have always had a love of adventure. Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to work across multiple industries in a variety of countries around the world. This has allowed me to combine two things I’m passionate about: a love for travel, and a penchant for connecting with people.

My professional career began in France, where I was employed in a B2C sales position for a leading European tour operator, eventually progressing to a managerial role which saw me coordinating a team of sales representatives. My love of adventure then led me to New Zealand, where I fulfilled a childhood dream of working in the outdoor adventure industry. Unfortunately, my time was cut short due to the outbreak of Covid-19, and I was forced to relocate back to the UK. However, they do say every cloud has a silver lining and this was certainly the case for me, as this move eventually led me to Tuum!

Summer vacation spent kayaking in Austria

We’re sorry to hear your time in New Zealand was cut short, but, somewhat selfishly, we are thrilled that this means we can call you a Modularbanker! Tell us about how you came to work for Tuum?

Feeling a bit cooped up during the pandemic, I was searching for a new opportunity, something fast-paced and challenging. I had long been intrigued by the rise of FinTech and the digital revolution that was sweeping the financial world. With an eye on transitioning to enterprise SaaS sales, I came across the job description for Tuum, which ticked all of the boxes for me. I submitted my application, but also reached out to Rivo, Modularbank’s CBO, to express my admiration for the company and my interest in joining. Rivo promptly replied and assisted in setting up an interview with the HR representative, Mia.

My interview process was conducted across three stages: first with Mia, then with Chris, Sales Executive, and finally with Quentin, VP of Sales. Throughout each conversation during the interviews, I immediately had the impression that I would be surrounded by a supportive team who have vast experience working in the core banking space, a major factor in leading me to accept the job offer.

Can you talk us through your onboarding experience?

Upon signing my contract, I was really excited to get to Berlin and start working with Tuum. However, due to the twin pandemics of Covid-19 and Brexit, I ended up staying in the UK for a few weeks longer and completed my onboarding virtually. I found the remote onboarding process to be very smooth and was impressed by the breadth and level of knowledge of those within the company. It has certainly proven to be an incredible opportunity, as every day I get to learn from industry experts who have played a key role in building my knowledge base.

How has your experience been since then?

I’ve really enjoyed connecting with businesses and helping them along their journeys. What I have found intriguing is the variety of people that I consult with: one day I may be speaking with a budding entrepreneur, ready to launch their innovative new idea, the next day I am exploring how to modernise a large-scale incumbent bank with C-level executives. I feel privileged to be trusted in leading Tuum’s market growth in the UK.

I would also like to mention that working for Tuum is allowing me to continue with my love of travel. In September, I will be in Amsterdam for this year’s Money20/20 event, representing Tuum at our own stall. Come and say hello!

You are a country boy at heart but currently find yourself living in Berlin. How has that been for you?

I will admit, I am not used to living in a city centre. However, I am really enjoying my time in Berlin and I’m looking forward to a summer spent visiting some of the parks and lakes here — particularly to get some swimming in! I am also fortunate to live close to quite a few of my Tuum colleagues, making it easy for us to meet up outside of work. As the pandemic eases (fingers crossed), I am keen to experience more of the culture this city has to offer.

Aoraki National Park, New Zealand

With the weather improving, you must be looking forward to some more outdoor pursuits?

Exactly! I am currently in training for a triathlon later this year and have plans to return to my favorite kayaking spot on the Isel river in Austria. I’m also not alone in my passion for outdoor sports at Tuum; some of my lengthiest conversations have been with Juri, Rivo, and Chris, surrounding preliminary plans for a winter Olympics.

Think you will take the gold?

Rivo reckons he has it in the bag, but I’m feeling quietly confident.

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