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Web Engineer

How did you end up in Tuum, tell us the story?

Before Tuum I was working as a Quality Assurance Engineer and at some point, I wanted to make a career change. I took one year of self-study and learned how to code. When I was finally ready for a job, I was applying for numerous companies and had quite a few interviews at the same time, it was a crazy time. I had to do multiple test assignments and interviews at the same time. Then I received an invitation from Tuum. The interview process went really smoothly and I got to speak with people I would be working closely with. My direct manager took the time to review my test assignment very quickly and gave me valuable feedback. As a candidate, it’s a very good sign, it shows the company cares. During our interview I also liked my direct manager, he has such positive calming vibes, which is very important for me. This is why Tuum stood out from other companies. And here I am!

What excites you about your current role?

I have the opportunity to learn and grow as a professional, and to have an impact on the company's growth. We are still a startup, a young company, so it’s inspiring to be part of the growth and see my direct impact on the development of the company. What’s also great is that we are open to experiments and trying new tools and technologies. As a developer, it’s a great way to improve my skills. And I really appreciate hybrid workspace. We have a very nice office and we have the opportunity to work from home.

You have 2 adorable cats, tell us about them!

Oh, I need to share some pictures! I have 2 cats — Martini and Pirate. They are both adopted from a shelter and both had some health issues. Martini had FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis), which is a very serious disease for cats and we had to give him injections every day for 3 months. He is healthy and very active now, he is such a sweet boy! Pirate is one-eyed, with most likely a troubled childhood. Pirate is the hooligan and bandit, who never misses the opportunity to steal our food. Martini is just such a sweet and playful little fellow.

Martini (left) and Pirate (right)

Who do you look up to as an idol and why?

I would say that I don’t have one specific person as an idol. For me, people around me — my husband, friends, family, teammates — are the ones who inspire me and keep me going. There are so many people that at different stages in life matter to you and they all make an impact on your life. That’s what matters.

What word describes Tuum’s culture the best? Why?

Evolving. As I mentioned before, we are constantly growing, which also impacts the company culture. I’ve been working here for 1 year and I have seen so many positive changes made and how the company culture has evolved. New ideas are implemented, we experiment with tools and technologies, reflect on our success and failures, and that’s how we grow. The People team gathers feedback from employees regularly and actually acts to make changes, product team is also evolving with new technologies and so on. We’re agile and keep up with the changing world.

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